Ripe Market Terms & Conditions

All Members who would like to attend the Ripe Markets must comply to our Policies, Terms & Conditions. By applying to become a market Member or by taking part in one of our events you agree and accept our Policies, Terms & Conditions included below and in the Member Information Pack for each Market Venue. Ripe Reserves the right to update, and change the terms of these conditions at any time.

By attending one of our markets you agree to independently research, understand and adhere to all the venues Terms & Conditions as well as safety requirements and policies.  Any specific policies related to the Ripe Market will be communicated in the Market Member Information Pack relating to that market venue.


Bookings are made by emailing

To make a booking email or call us with the following information:

Name of your Company
Name of Market
Date of Market
Type of Table
Your name and mobile number

If you do not send this information we will not be able to process your booking.


  • 300 AED – Seed Table –  (1 x 1.5m table) – no pallet & no power
  • 350 AED – Blossom Table – (1 pallet and 1 x 1.5m table) – no power
  • 550 AED – Harvest Tables – (3x3m space – 2 pallets and 2 x 1.5m tables) – no power
  • 850 AED – Live Cooking – (3x3m Tent and 2 x 1.5m tables) – power provided
  • 1000 AED – Food Truck / Mobile Kitchen – power provided

If you require power and are not a Live Cooking or Food Truck an additional charge will be applied for this in addition to your package booking. Please Note, Seed Tables are only for craft mebers and power is not available with this package.

NB: Ripe Reserves the Ripe to change our package costs, including power charges at any time.


To secure your place, you will need to pay a one-off registration fee as follows. This can be paid in advance or at the time of booking your market.

Food Trucks and Live Cooking: 500aed and Food Retail and Craft is 250aed


Unfortunately, due to the high volume of members, we cannot accommodate reviewing every request for table positioning so table locations are selected by Ripe at random on a weekly basis. These locations cannot be changed on the day of the event, and to avoid your time being wasted we hope you understand this.


A booking is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email. Ripe Reserves the right to cancel your booking at any time if you have not paid in advance.

Payment methods are as follows:-

  • Cash or Credit card at Ripe Shop – OPENING HOURS & LOCATION HERE
  • Credit Card – Please complete a Credit Form and email it to
  • Cheque made payable to Ripe Fresh Trading LLC and delivered to the Ripe Shop
  • Bank Transfer –  a copy of the bank transfer must be emailed to if you do not send a copy of this transfer we are not able to process this payment.

Ripe Fresh Trading LLC
Commercial Bank of Dubai
AC No: 1001370046
IBAN: AE240230000001001370046

If you do not pay for your market prior to the day ripe reserves the right to apply a 50aed late payment fee weekly. After 2 weeks of payments not being made all future bookings will be cancelled until your outstanding balance has been settled.


We understand that at times cancellations may have to be made and we are happy to accept a cancellation providing it is completed in the following way:

All cancellations must be made in writing via email to stating your company name, name of the market and cancellation date.

All cancellations must be made by email 1 week before the scheduled booking date. Failure to cancel will result in the original booking being charged, and no refunds will be given ( A late payment fee of AED50 is charge weekly from the latest unpaid booking)


Outdoor Ripe Markets remain open weekly throughout the winter season and therefore in varied weather conditions. No refunds will be given to any member in the event of cancellation at short notice of a pre-booked stall due to bad weather.   No refund will be given to any member who attends a market and in the event of bad weather then requests a refund.    The Ripe Markets Team will notify members if a market is to be cancelled in the event of expected bad weather or dangerous weather conditions.


All companies selling food including pre-packaged food sold in sealed containers, providing food sampling, live cooking stations and food trucks must have a valid UAE Trade License relevant to the food being sold or prepared. It is your responsibility to obtain the proper permits to take part in the event and Ripe will not be held responsible for any fines for not carrying out proper procedures.

Live Cooking, Sampling and Food Truck members handling food on site at any Ripe Market must have a valid Health Card and conform to UAE Food Control regulations.  Please ensure the following:

  • Those handling food should wear a hair net or hat properly and wear gloves as required under UAE Food Control Law.
  • All cooking takes place under the canopy of the tent provided by Ripe Market or inside the Food Truck.
  • A waste bin is provided with lid for all food waste on site.  Food Waste must be removed by member and not left on site.
  • Ground protection even on grass is provided so that no liquid waste of any kind can damage the ground/grass on which they are sited.
  • Proper hand washing facilities are provided using mobile tank and sink and that hand sanitizer is available at all times and visible to Food Control Inspectors.
  • Food is stored hygienically in closed containers and/or fridge.
  • All food is covered at all times.
  • Spare uniforms are provided for staff so that soiled uniforms can be replaced on site.
  • Your stall front, inside and back is kept neat and tidy at all times.
  • Electrical cables and plugs are covered under tables or storage units to avoid any liquid leaking onto plugs and displayed safely preventing any trip hazards.
  • No LPG or live flames are used in any cooking process.
  • You have kitchen fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Dubai Food Control personnel will be present on site throughout each event and have the authority to cancel any issued Food Permit and therefore the members attendance at the market if the UAE Food Control standards and guidelines are not being met and upheld.  The Food Control personnel have the right to ask any member to stop serving food and leave the market.

Food Permit
When you book we will prepare an NOC Letter for you, using your company trade license. Please make sure that you have emailed us the updated version of this for our records. Without this we are not able to prepare the NOC. In order to process your food permit, you will need to go to the following website. Please have your credit card and the mobile phone linked to this card ready as this will be required to finalize the process. This is a one off fee of 180aed.


If you require power at the event, please send an email to In the Subject header please write:

Name of the company
Contact name and number

List of each equipment that requires power along with the amps of wattage and the connection type. i.e. Fridge, 220w, single phase.

Power is limited on site and therefore we request this is kept to a minimum. If you do not notify Ripe of additional appliances, or exceed the maximum power limit an additional fee will be applied.


Please ensure that you do not leave your discarded packaging or rubbish at the venue. A 500aed penalty charge will automatically be added to your account if you do not clean up after the event.


Please make sure you follow the below:

  • Unfortunately, no flags are allowed.
  • All standalone branding – for example roll ups, blackboards have to be contained within your allotted space and behind your table not in front and not blocking your neighbors stand.
  • Members need to bring their own tablecloths and it is recommended that they are from table top to ground to help hide storage boxes or personal possessions.  Table dimensions are 150cmW x 75cmD x 80cmH
  • No branding allowed that blocks other members or that compromises the look and feel of the market.
  • No branding of any kind whatsoever is allowed to be placed on any Park property or on any tress, bushes or other foliage.
  • No branding to be place on tent canopies.
  • If bringing your own tent, it must be WHITE colour and approved in advance by Ripe.


It is in the interest of every member that if they want to succeed at a Ripe Market they must use their social media channels, website and other networks to create awareness of the market they are attending and encourage visitors to their stall.

We have created a lot of marketing collateral to help you spread the work please download it here. If you would like something specific you can email and we can happily help you. We will also make sure you have access to flyers for each market too.


Ripe Exhibition Organiser Company LLC is not liable or responsible for any of the following circumstances:

  • For any lost, stolen or damaged goods before, during or after a Ripe Market event.
  • For any accidents or injuries to any members or customers from products they buy, touch, trial or interact with whilst at The Ripe Market.
  • Individual 3rd party liability insurance. All businesses should ensure they have all of their own insurances should an incident arise that puts them at risk
  • Operating your business and adhering to UAE Laws, including, Trade Licenses, Health Cards, Insurances and Permits.
  • Offending any visitor at one of our events due to inappropriate behavior or dress code
  • For any member employees, or third party consultants representing member companies
  • For the actions of any food member of any type at a Ripe Market that may cause sickness or injuries as a result of food members actions, errors or omissions.
  • Should a member or customer bring legal action for situations happening that are covered under the disclaimer, the member will pay for all legal fees and costs, including those of the event organiser.
  • Ripe is not responsible or accountable for the rejection by Municipality Food Control of a temporary Food Permit after booking has been confirmed or on site after an inspection by relevant Food Control authorities as a result of the failure by a food member to comply with Food Control Regulations.
  • Ripe can use member participants full names, photos, or other types of representations of the events without asking permission of the subjects.
  • Ripe Market reserve the right to not refund any fees paid by Food Members for future bookings.

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