10 Ways to Get you Ready for Ramadan

Summer’s here, this means we’re only a few days away for Ramadan. During this season, it is important to prepare yourself for the fasting days to have a smooth transition for your new food intake.


  1. Light Dinner – Cutting down your dinner intake will help you lessen your appetite once the fasting starts but remember to have breakfasts with complex carbohydrate to stay energetic throughout the day.
  2. Hydration is key – increase you water intake and avoid caffeine such as tea and coffee, other hydrating options would be coconut water and fresh juices.
  3. Earlier rise and shine – have an earlier breakfast that usual, this will help your body to get used to the timings of Suhoor.
  4. 3 Meals – stick to having 3 meals in a day and avoid snacks, this will help you cut down on your intake as you’re only allowed to have Iftar and Suhoor during ramadan.
  5. Practice makes perfect – few days before Ramadan, volunteer some fast days to prepare yourself further.
  6. Sleep – regulate your sleep with the Ramadan hours, either by sleeping early or taking an afternoon nap as Ramadan days start early due to Suhoor.
  7. Meal Plans – list your ingredients and go to shops for your Iftar and Suhoor meals, this will help you save time and effort.
  8. Doctor’s Advice – before changing your diet and routines, schedule an appointment with your doctor to be safe.
  9. Exercise – stopping your workouts during Ramadan is not recommended, instead it is recommended to incorporate gentle workouts to your routine such as yoga and swimming.
  10. Detox – stick to your healthy diet and avoid salty, sugary and fried meals as they trigger more cravings to your body!


Ramadan Kareem, UAE!

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