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Acai Berry Powder, The Raw Place

So mama told ya to eat your spinach so you could be like Popeye? Well, let us tell you about the amazing açai berry. You want strength? Well, you gotta start with strong blood. And what says strength better than iron? The açai berry is a super superfood that is high in vitamin A, calcium, mono- unsaturated fat and fiber and, you guessed it, it’s a good source of iron too.
All this means that the açai fruit contributes to healthy iron metabolism, supports normal blood clotting and contributes to normal oxygen transport in the blood, and the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. Fancy, right?
So thanks to these nutrients, Açai may help to support the health of your blood. And since, blood transports vital oxygen to your body and brain, what more could you ask for? Our blood moves organ-controlling hormones around the body and patrols immune cells to protect you from illness. Talk about to protect and serve, huh?
Enjoy it with your ice cream (if you must) or mix it in a smoothie (now that’s more like it!), regardless of what you put it in, it’ll help ya’ keep on tickin’ and pumpin’.


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