Artichoke & Green Olives Confit, Dima

  • 200g


This is a light and summery flavor that captures the spirit of the joie de vivre. It is savory and ever so slightly tangy, and the fermentation process concentrates the flavors. The olives are present in every bite and the artichokes are a delicate accentuation. Can be had as is with bread, fab with smoked salmon and amazing addition to savory tarts, pastas and salads. Make a beautiful crust to baked fish or slow cooked lamb.
The green olives are sourced from Dima’s family farm in Jordan and the artichokes are a mix of Jordanian and Italian artichokes that we marinate in-house for a restaurant in town.
We do not use any ready made products that are not our own in making our products, we make everything from scratch including the marinated artichokes in this case! This is really what sets our MOONEH products apart from the rest of the mass produced ones in the market

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