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Say hello to Sproud Barista!

Finally, Sproud Original Drink has got a sibling – we welcome Sproud Barista!

Whether you froth it or not, the barista gives that little extra to your coffee. With our barista you easily make a good, vegan latte or cappuccino. Or you simply put a little gold edge on the morning coffee.

  • Vegan, plant based, dairy alternative
  • Pea milk is set to be the UK’s next vegan food craze, according to Whole Foods.  A new player in the dairy-free milk field is emerging that could shake up the vegan dairy industry.   Alongside soy, almond, oat, coconut, rice, and hemp milk, drinks made from pea protein are becoming more popular.
  • Sproud comes in both Original and Barista editions and again Ripe will be the first company to bring this brand to market.   Product is flying off the shelves in high end chains such as Waitrose. 

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