• 500ml
  • Organic


The most exciting thing about our Organic Orange Sprizz? The refreshingly thrilling balance between its full bodied orangey fruitiness and delicate lemony tartness! In addition to its particularly high proportion of orange fruit content also a subtly tart lemon note sets Höllinger’s Organic Orange Sprizz miles apart from the ordinary. Not too sweet – and at the same time a fruity treat of exceptional finesse!
Water, orange juice* 8% (from orange juice concentrate), lemon juice* 4% (from lemon juice concentrate), sugar*, carbonic acid, natural flavour.
*from organic farming. Pasteurized.
100 ml contain approximately:
117 kJ / 28 kcal
0 g
  thereof saturated
  fatty acids:
0 g
6,8 g
  thereof Sugar:
6,5 g
< 0,1 g
0 g
Contains 30% less sugar than ordinary lemonades. Also, no sweetening or sugar substitutes have been added. Höllinger’s Organic Orange Sprizz meets the SIPCAN orientation guidelines of: 7,4g sugar pro 100ml and no artificial sweetener

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