Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Yes You Can

  • 300g


Gluten Free, High in Protein

Yes You Can offers their customers multiple product lines of delicious gluten free foods, with two leading brands: Yes You Can Pre Mixes and Frevos Cheese Bites.

Buckwheat flour (47%), maize starch, sugar, soy flour, whole egg powder, glucose syrup solids, fructose, raising agents (450,500), vegetable oil, mineral salt (341), salt, thickener (415).

1. Shake bottle to loosen dry mix
2. Take off lid but don’t discard
3. Add 300mL of water or fill bottle with water to level indicated and replace lid. Shake bottle well for 1 minute
4. Remove lid to release pressure. Replace lid and shake for further 1 minute
5. Preheat fry plan and grease well
6. Pour batter into fry pan and cook over medium

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