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Camel Milk Chocolate Cocoa, Al Nassma

This is not just the most delicious camel milk chocolate we have ever tasted… it the most creamy, delicious, decadent gourmet chocolate we have ever tasted…

Hard to pick a favorite? Well we have tasted them all… just so we can be of assistance of course!  We will try our best to help you decide:

  •  If you want to really get the taste of camel’s milk, then definitely start with the milk chocolate.  As folks that drink fresh camel milk every day, we can tell you that the light, unique taste comes through.  Each bar is 21% chocolate!
  • If you are adventurous and like to spice things up… WARNING…. the Arabia Spice is an exotic mix of spicy sweetness that you won’t want to share!
  • The 70% DARK chocolate is pretty much the most delicious dark chocolate we have ever tasted.

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