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  • [100% FRUIT AND NOTHING ELSE] This multipack contains a delicious and fun selection of 100% fruit snacks for kids, including strawberries, raspberries, melon, cola raisins, mango, cherry, peach and apricot.
  • [HEALTHY & DELICIOUS] We provide delicious and healthy snacks as guilt-free after lunch and school treats for growing children. Not only will your children love our snacks, they are nutritionally balanced, healthy and most importantly, delicious!
  • [MADE BY NUTRITIONISTS] Our nutritionist has a background in children’s health to ensure we use the highest quality ingredients. We’ve extensively researched snacking in both younger and older kids to create healthy snacks to help them meet their nutritional needs.
  • [PORTION SIZED] Sticking to small, regular snacks will fill your children up, while maintaining their appetite. That’s why we’ve made our snacks just the right size to keep kids going without spoiling meal times. Our ChewyMoon snacks are perfectly portioned.

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