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Mild foam deeply cleanses delicate face and decollate skin, keeping it healthy and purified.

Cleanser effectively removes impurities and microbes while retaining skin’s essential moisture, leaving skin perfectly clean and fresh. It gently removes light makeup and prepares skin to enhance the benefits of the following treatments

Silver nanoparticles solution is the key organic ingredient. It removes bacteria which cause skin inflammations and other skin problems. Soft foam balances and revitalizes the skin, keeps it healty and bright

Infused with Altai Melissa extract and Citrus oils, the healthy formula quickly absorbs into deep layers of the skin. It brightens and tones-up, moistens and nourishes skin with  precious nutrients, vitamins and amino acids

With daily application, the cleansing foam helps to improve and restore the skin, energize it for a bright, healthy-looking complexion

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