Coffee Capsules Pure Arabica, Espensa Fincafe

Qty: 1
31.50 AED

  • 12 Pcs
  • Organic


When the beans from the selected organic agriculture farms in Mexico, Nicaragua and Brazil reach the workshop they are mixed in keeping with exclusive and well-studied formulas, resulting in inimitable coffee. The beans from each origin are separately roasted in a natural and artisanal manner to ensure that the final product highlights the characteristics they each provide. Coffee with a faintly floral aroma and nuances which give it a particular flavour, a balanced body and a delicate citric acidity, ending with hints of chocolate and a pleasant aftertaste. CONTAINS: 12 Capsulas compatibles with Nespresso®. Trademark of a company not related to Coffee Center. Ingredient: 100% natural roasted coffee beans.

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