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  • 55g
  • Organic


• No Added Sugar
• No Artificials
• Certified Organic

WARNINGS: Contains gluten, honey and milk. May contain traces of egg, soy, hard-shelled fruit, sesame and sulphite. No added sugar, contains sugars naturally found in the fruit. Does not contain pork or its additives. Suitable for children over 12 months. Babies younger than 1 year old should not be given honey. Please ensure that your child is sitting down and supervised by an adult while eating. Store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour (45,5%), organic milk (15,5%), organic apple juice concentrate (11,2%), organic butter (9,1%), organic honey (5,5%), organic oat flour (%4,5%) organic white kinoa (4,5%), organic sunflower oil (3,6%), carbonate (sodium bicarbonate), vanilla

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