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  • 250ml
  • Organic


A healthy oat based, dairy-free alternative to cream. Basically you can use this product instead of cream. The 13% fat in this product comes from organic rapeseed oil but it is the quality of the fat that is so unusual. It has a balanced nutritious composition with only 1% saturated (compared to 9.6% in cream). Repeat that last line to yourself one more time. Exactly! Keep it chilled in the fridge. Made from organic oats from Sweden. And organic everything else.

  • Vegan, plant based, dairy alternative
  • Oatly is the market leading brand in the oat milk category which is going from strength to strength.  Growth of Oatmilk was 425% in the last year!
  • This is one of Ripe’s favourite recent products coming in both Original and Barista editions.   As soon as the product goes on the shelves it stocks out.  
  • We have brought in a much bigger quantity to keep up with demand. 


  • For the time being Ripe in one of the few companies brining Oatly into the market.   Some exiting products in the pipeline from Oatly including Oatly Icecream!


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