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31.50 AED

  • 200g


  • Product Name: No Nuts Dark Cacao Granola
  • Product Ingredients List: Jumbo rolled organic oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, 100% raw organic cacao powder, vanilla extract, honey, cranberries, raisins.
  • Product Weight: 200 grams
  • Product Nutritional Info: Total Calories per 50 grams serving 195

Total fats 9 grams
Total Carbohydrates 18 grams
Total Proteins 7 grs

  • Product Storage Requirements: Room Temperature (Air con)
  • Product Usage/Benefits (if applicable) Great for a quick and healthy breakfast

Our Dark Chocolate Granola is freshly made in the UAE and loaded with Seeds and pure cacao powder. This any Chocolate lovers favorite.

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