Dunaliella Salina Powder, Superfoods

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One of the world’s most nutrient dense food sources, this powder is a zesty, orange ray of sunshine and guaranteed to add some colour to your day.

Perfect for prepping your skin for natural rays, this sunshine-orange powder is a totally tropical hue and bursting with goodness. Derived from a micro-algae in salt fields, this gorgeously orange supplement thrives in its natural environment by producing huge amounts of beta-carotene and carotenoids. It packs an abundance of antioxidant goodness, helping to keep your cells healthy and fight off free radicals.

  • The gorgeous bright orange colour is a result of huge amounts of beta-carotene and carotenoids which makes it one of the world’s best sources of antioxidants
  • Beta-carotene can help to keep skin healthy and may help to soothe the symptoms of conditions such as eczema
  • If you’re planning a tropical getaway, this supplement can help to prepare your skin and enhance your natural glow

Ingredients: 100% Dunaliella Salina Powder.

Quantity: 50g

How to use: Add a small teaspoon to your favorite smoothie to give it a sunshine makeover, add a dash to your pre-workout shake or sprinkle into your bakes for a burst of happiness.

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