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Eggplant, known as aubergine, garden egg, guinea squash, melongene, and brinjal, usually has an egg-like shape and a vibrant purplecolor.

It’s rich in fiber, low in calories, provides a range of nutrients, and features in the Mediterranean diet.

Although the dark purple version of eggplants is best known, the shape, size, and color can vary from small and oblong to long and thin. Also, from shades of purple to white and green.


Eggplant is quite perishable and will not store long. Wrap in a paper towel, place it in a perforated plastic bag and store in a refrigerator. Depending on the freshness factor of the eggplant at the time of purchase, it may be refrigerated for up to 4-7 days.


Great for roasting, a favorite in Middle Eastern and European cuisine. Very versatile – try Mousakka or Baba Gannoush. To reduce the amount of fat and oil absorbed when cooking it is recommended that you soak in salty water and wash.

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