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Olive oil flavors – El Lagar del Soto Bio.-  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Trade Name: El Lagar del Soto Bio
  • Category: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Variety: Manzanilla cacereña
  • Origin: Cáceres
  • Tasting notes: 

    Organoleptic characteristics

  • Color

    Yellow with greenish hues, clean

  • Aroma

    A fruity, intense aroma to the nose of green olives, green grass, green almonds, other ripe fruits and nettle root, tomato and banana plant, and green wood with a touch of astringency.


    • Initially sweet in the mouth, slightly bitter and somewhat more spicy.

    A complex and delectable sensory experience.

    El Lagar del Soto Bio is the result of traditional dryland cultivation and is produced from olives of the manzanilla cacereña variety. The fruits selected for these oils are harvested manually one by one by the ordeño method at the start of each season.

    This pairing of manzanilla cacereña (the perfect variety) and its gathering by hand at just the right moment give this El Lagar de Soto Premium oil perfect organoleptic and chemical characteristics. El Lagar de Soto Bio a unique and unrepeatable oil that explodes on the palate with an incredible taste.

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