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Fairtrade Cloves, Steenbergs

Steenbergs Organic and Fairtrade whole cloves come direct from forest gardens in Sri Lanka.  Since 2005, Steenbergs has been sourcing its Fairtrade cloves from the Small Organic Farmers Association in the Kandy region of Sri Lanka.  Use Steenbergs organic Fairtrade cloves to stud hams, to make bread sauce, to make curries or for mulled wine, or they can be used in crafting for their lovely shapes and awesome aroma.
Cloves are reddish brown to brown in colour and are 10-15mm in length (1/3 – 1/4 inches). They are long and nail shaped, tapered at one end and with a flatter head at the other end, which should contain a friable little ball held between the fingers, hence its name in German being nelke. Steenbergs Organic Fairtrade Cloves have a flavour that is intensely pungent with ideas like medicinal, warming, sweet and numbing coming to mind, while the aroma is also really strong, being pungent, aromatic, camphorous and peppery.


Store in a dry cupboard.

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