Hibiscus Extract Ultra Lift Creme, La Mav

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  • 50ml


La Mav Hibiscus Extract Ultra-Lift Day Crème is an intensive moisturising day crème formulated with potent ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help reduce the appearance of ageing. Active Hibiscus and Commiphora extracts relax skin and visibly smooth wrinkles for a Botox like effect, delivering a fresh and toned appearance and promoting a more youthful looking complexion.

Bio-active Ingredients:

• Hibiscus esculentus extract is a natural peptide that has Botox like effect that gently relaxes skin to smooth expression lines and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles

• Cassia alata leaf extract protects cellular DNA from UVA and UVB and supports natural repair of cells

• Fruit Acids from Bilberry, Sugar Maple, Lemon, Orange and Sugar Cane help plump up the skin revealing a glowing and radiant complexion

• Antioxidants from Green Tea and Vitamin E delivers long lasting anti-aging benefits

• Cassia alata leaf extract protects cellular DNA from UVA / UVB and supports natural cell repair; promoting skin elasticity and firmness to deliver a more youthful appearance

Best for:

• Daily use for all skin types

• Mature skin or skin that is prone to fine lines

• Skin lacking elasticity

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