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  • 20g
  • Organic


Italian Herbs Mix, Steenbergs

Steenbergs Organic Italian Herb Seasoning was created by Axel Steenberg back in 2004 as a British-style take on an Italian herb mix that would work well with American and British Italian favourites like sprinkled over pizza or into a pasta sauce or to flavour a spaghetti Bolognaise or homemade lasagne.
Steenbergs Organic Italian Herb Mix is a classic bit of fusion creativity – a Mediterranean blend of herbs that works for all dishes we think of as Italian as opposed to something you could buy in Italy.  Steenbergs Organic Italian Herb Mix includes organic basil, organic thyme, organic marjoram and oregano, together with some sage, garlic and rosemary. Enjoy it sprinkled over pizza or add it to the mince when making spaghetti bolognese.


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