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You may not be familiar with kohlrabi, but you would recognize its taste – it’s been described as a milder and sweeter cabbage heart. Kohlrabi, a member of the cabbage family, is a hardy biennial. It has a swollen stem that makes it look like a turnip growing on a cabbage root. The swollen stem can be white, purple, or green, and is topped with a rosette of blue-green leaves.


With the leaf stems removed, kohlrabi can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. Storage life can be extended if kohlrabies are placed in sealed plastic bags.


Small kohlrabi bulbs which are young and tender generally do not require peeling. Medium to larger sizes should be peeled to remove the protective outer skin. The crisp flesh can be served raw in salads, as a relish, or as a crunchy accompaniment to dips. The bulb can be sliced, cut into quarters, cubes or julienne strips and steamed until crisp — tender. Kohlrabi bulbs can be hollowed out and stuffed with a vegetable or meat filling.

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