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Mangoes are often referred to as the tropical peach because of their peach-like and pineapple-like flavors. The exotic fruit has more spice to the flavor with a citrus undertone, yet is fragrant. They can be substituted for peaches in recipes.


Unripe mangoes can be kept at room temperature for few days, and to ripen, keep them in paper covers. Ripen ones should be stored in the refrigerator but never below 10 F (50C). Bring back to normal temperature when the fruit is to be eaten to get the natural taste and flavor.


To pit a mango, cut along each side of the pit, while leaving the center strip of the skin around the pit?s length. Provide two cutaway sections and remove the fruit from the skin with a knife or spoon and seed the fruit. The pulp can be cut in a crosshatch design, but do not cut through the peel. This allows you to bend it neatly backwards in order to cut it away from the peel. Mangoes make a great snack eaten raw. They can be mixed in fruit or green salads and used as a topping for ice cream. Mangoes work well when added to meat or stir-fry dishes. They are also a tasty addition to fruit shakes. Mangoes should be added near the end of a dish?s cooking time. Mango?s flavor works well with oranges, grapefruit and papaya. Mango can be made into jellies and jams. It can also be a tasty addition to custards and gelatins.

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