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28 AED

  • 125ml


Organic Maple Syrup in a Pouch

  • Handy amount.
  • Stays fresher as the light cannot penetrate.
  • Takes up less cupboard space.
  • Naturally sweetens drinks.
  • Ideal for baking and cooking.
  • Resealable pouch.

This is the classic syrup for drizzling over pancakes and crepes. This simple-to-use pouch from Shady Maple Farms is the obvious choice for those of us who only use Maple Syrup once a year. Nevertheless, frequent users will find this is a pocket-sized product ideal for travelling, holidays or when they feel the need to drizzle at home or work!

We find that Maple Syrup is a good partner when sweetening nuts or desserts where nuts are used. For example adding Maple Syrup to Chestnut Puree with some Cocoa Powder, makes a fantastic chocolate filling for a Roulade or Gateau. Maple Syrup was also used to sweeten a nutty filling in one of our home made chocolate recipes.

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