Mirzam Ramadan Mixed Tray: ‘Fruits, Nuts & Spices’

Qty: 1
588 AED


Our beautiful handmade ceramic stands have been sourced directly from the artisans in Fez, Morocco, and fit a large number of decadent truffles, pralines, caramels, and dark chocolate covered dates.

This arrangement contains:

  • The 100% Pistachio (V, GF)
  • The 62% Orange & Cinnamon (V, GF)
  • The 62% Almond & Coffee (V, GF, N)
  • Star Anise & Cinnamon Figs (GF, D)
  • Cashew Pralines (GF, D)

This tray contains vegan, gluten free Dark Chocolate Dates, some of them with nuts; smooth dairy pralines and ganache.

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