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  • Gluten Free


Morning Dreamers Pancakes, Superfood Bakery

What does your perfect breakfast look like? We can’t imagine ours without a stack of delicious pancakes, topped with some fruit, yogurt, and syrup!
Our Morning Dreamers Pancakes are made from ancient grains flours and baobab powder to pack even more goodness into your first meal of the day!¬†Nutritious and amazingly good, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d want to finish the stack by yourself!
The mix is gluten-free and refined-sugar free, and can be also used to prepare waffles!
To make your pancakes simply add 3 eggs (or an egg replacer if you are dairy-free) and milk (either cow’s or plant-based) and have a stack of Instagram-ready pancakes ready in 20 minutes!

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