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60 AED

  • 10ml


Steam distilled from Geranium plant

100% pure undiluted geranium rose essential oil which naturally contain: Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalol,  Citronellyl formate, Isomenthone

– Alleviates Stress and Anxiety: diffuse at home
– Help balance hormone, ease PMS pain
– Improve appearance of the skin
– Improve dental health

– 100% pure essential oil from Egypt
– 100% organic certified by ecocert
– Dark glass bottle protecting sunlight
– 10ML

How to Used:

– Contraindicated in children below 10 years old
– Contraindicated in pregnancy or breastfeeding
– External use only (toxic internally)
– Possible skin sensitivity
– Always use diluted with carrier oil, 2% concentration recommended
– Do not use on pregnant women and children without doctor’s consultation

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