Organic Machu Picchu Mix, Essential Living Foods

Qty: 1
49 AED

  • 170g
  • Gluten Free


This tantalizing organic blend of exotic superfoods surprises the palate with a sultry dance of flavors and aromas – dark, earthy crunch meets sweet, juicy citrus in a smooth and satisfying harmony. With zero additives or sweeteners, we let our premium ingredients speak for themselves: tangy Goldenberries, buttery Cashews, savory Jungle Peanuts, succulent Raisins, and energizing Cacao.

How is it so delicious? We continually seek out the planet’s purest, most nutritious ingredients, many of them raw & carefully dried to retain their rich flavor and aroma.


Ingredients: Organic Sultana Raisin, Organic Cashew Pieces, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts, Organic Goldenberries


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