Organic Moong Mogar, Green Sense

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10.75 AED

  • 500g


• Green Sense Moong dal is a Certified Organic
• Great source of complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein
• They are an excellent source of molybdenum and folic acid
• Regular consumption of moong dal helps to reduce cholesterol
• High fiber in green beans keeps blood sugar from rising after mealtime
• Moong dal possesses antioxidant properties; folic acid, magnesium & vitamin B6 which aids in a healthy heart
• Vitamin B6 and folic acid lower homocysteine levels known as methylation cycle
• It is also helpful in weight loss

• Moong is used in several food products; both as a whole seed and in split hulled & dehulled form
• Whole seeds are often used in soups or to produce bean sprouts for salads
• Split moong is used for soup bases or sometimes for bean flour

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