Organic Nutmeg Essential Oil,Aroma Tierra

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  • 10ml
  • Organic


Aroma Tierra Organic Nutmeg Essential oil is 100% pure, natural, & organic. It is extracted from high quality organic produce from Sri Lanka, by steam distillation of dried organic Nutmeg seeds. This essential oil is as natural and pure as it can be – It is free from chemicals, solvents, additives, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives. The oil is very concentrated, potent, and very strong in therapeutic properties. Aroma Tierra Organic Nutmeg Essential oil is packed in specially designed violet glass bottle to prevent damage from sunlight, and therefore to preserve the oil’s potency.

Botanical name – Myristica fragrans | Crop origin – Sri Lanka | Extraction – steam distillation of dried organic Nutmeg seeds

100% Pure & Natural | Certified Organic by ECOCERT, France | 100% ingredients are from organic farming

NOT diluted with carrier oil, alcohol, or solvents | FREE from chemicals | FREE from preservatives | FREE from additives

Top benefits – Relieves muscle pain and reduces swelling, promotes blood circulation, helps in fighting feeling of exhaustion, prevents tooth ache, enhances food flavors, aids in digestive problems, prevents bad breath, aids in sleeping, improves sleep quality, promotes detoxification of the body

How to use (non-exhaustive) – Add few drops for culinary use/ flavoring food, apply topically (dilute in a base oil for topical application), use in a diffuser (typically with other essential oils), add few drops in warm water for internal use, add a few drops in warm water for gargle.

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