Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil, Aroma Tierra

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219.45 AED

  • 5ml
  • Organic


Botanical name – Santalum spicatum | Crop origin – Australia | Extraction – Hydro distillation of wood shavings of Sandal from Australia

100% Pure & Natural | Certified Organic by ECOCERT, France | 100% ingredients are from organic farming

NOT diluted with carrier oil, alcohol, or solvents | FREE from chemicals | FREE from preservatives | FREE from additives

Top benefits – Excellent for skin-care, lightens skin tone, hydrates skin, soothes irritated skin, known to diminish scars, spots and blemishes, treats minor wounds, cuts, burns and insect bites, reduces anxiety and stress, promotes deep relaxation, calms the mind, helps fight insomnia and promotes restful sleep, known as natural aphrodisiac, traditionally used for improving mental concentration and memory, acts as a natural deodorant and perfume, used in perfumery for its unique exotic woody aroma, aids in soothing digestive issues, common ingredient in skin-care products, skin moisturizers, lotions, creams, perfumes, incense, room fresheners, etc.

How to use (non-exhaustive) – Add a few drops to your daily cream/oil for beauty benefits (for skin-care routine), take a whiff from the bottle, apply topically (dilute in a base oil for topical application), use a few drops in a bath, use in a diffuser, add few drops in warm water for internal use.

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