Organic Wildflower Honey Set, Littleover Apiaries

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  • 340g


Littleover Apiaries Pure Organic Wildflower Set Honey.
Pure organic ‘wildflower’ set honey All of our honey is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey. Our hives are carefully sited in organic registered ‘wild flower’ meadows during the spring and summer months. This is to ensure that our bees are in the best possible positions to gather their organic harvest of pollen and nectar to produce the perfect natural honey.
Littleover Apiary’s busy bees use wildflower nectar for our medium strength set honey. It’s raw, cold extracted and cold filtered, resulting in a more naturally sweet taste.
Great to cook with, it’s creamy smooth and easy to spread all over toast. You might even see some granulation – proof it’s pure, natural and top quality.

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