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  • Gluten Free
  • Organic



Pyramids are healthy, multigrain crisps. They’re loved by both those who enjoy healthy eating and those – like sportsmen – who take a good care of their shape and condition. Our Pyramids snacks are all natural, made in slow process of expanding, thanks to which all the benefits of grains are preserved with no fat added. In addition, natural grains are a great source of microelements supporting proper functioning of the whole body.

BUCKWHEAT PYRAMIDS are mild-tasting with delicate buckwheat and millet notes. The taste is balanced by perfectly matching white and brown rice and brought out even more by the pinch of salt. Ingredients: rice, white and toasted buckwheat groat, millet groat, Himalayan salt. Certified gluten-free (AOECS). Net weight: 80g


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