Raw Chocolate Bar, Freakin Healthy

  • 40g
  • Gluten Free


Snacking is on the rise: Consumers are turning to snacks to serve as meal replacements to satisfy their hunger, and are seeking more personalized food formats that fit into a healthy, convenient lifestyle.

This is why we introduced Freakin’ Healthy: a functional snacking system that is based solely on healthy, wholesome and clean nutrition, and caters to the needs of the millennials. We are revolutionizing the eating habits towards beneficial, natural and functional snacking that enhances and supports today’s lifestyle.

Freakin’ Healthy offers nutritious bars, bites and vegan chocolate. All our products have no wheat, dairy, added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They have no soy, no junk, no gluten and non-GMO. We base our products on the single, most-powerful trend of consumers’ desire for foods and ingredients that are healthy and naturally functional.

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