• 500g
  • Organic
  • Regional


Raw Omani Sidr Honey, Ripe

100% Raw Local Honey

Omani Sidr Honey is Considered from the light Color and tastes delicious and pleasant for the children. Sidr, with it’s light color, harvested in winter, is known for its fruity taste. The production season is in the winter months and is characterized by the taste of the fruits of Sidra tree. Sidr, it’s one of the rarest food, and because of the difficulty of getting it, it needs someone with high experience to work with bees in this area. It has significant health benefit. The medicinal benefits of honey, pollen, and beeswax have been recognized since the time of the Greeks. Local honey can provide relief from seasonable allergies.


Store on a cool dry place and keep the container cap tight. No need to refrigerate. Store honey away from direct heat or sunlight.

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