Ready To Use Black Soap Spray, La Corvette Marsille

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  • 750ml


Made exclusively from olive oil, no added colorings, no solvents, no preservatives, ready-to-use household black soap spray is 100% natural. An economical and greener alternative, it’s good for people and good for the planet. It is made according to the La Corvette traditional formula since 1894

Product Info

This ready-to-use olive oil  black soap spray can replace over a dozen specific household cleaning products. It is so effective and environmentally clean that it is a must-have for cleaning everything around the home.

How To Use The Ready-to-use Olive Oil Black Soap Spray

  • Floors and tiles: Cleans and sanitizes flooring and tile (bathroom or kitchen tile, wood, laminate, stone, or terracotta).
  • Dishes: Cleans and cuts through grease on dishes, pots, and pans.
  • Grease: Cuts through grease to remove buildup. Ideal for cleaning ovens, exhaust fans, stovetops, appliance surfaces, counters, and sinks.
  • Windows: Leaves glass surfaces flawlessly clean without streaks.
  • Vehicle: Uses on wood, plastic, and carpet. Cleans interior and exterior surfaces. Uses on boat decks and hulls, car dashboards, and motorcycles.
  • Leather: Cleans sofa, bags, etc.
  • Household Pets: Uses as a shampoo, Savon Noir gently cleans and nourishes your dog’s fur. Keeps your pet’s coat glossy and helps prevent fleas and allergies.


  • 100 % vegetable oils (olive oil)
  • No colouring, no added fragrance, no preservatives
  • No chemical additives

Ingredients: potassium soap with olive oil (5% or more, but less than 15%) and water

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