Rise And Shine Hydrate Shine Shampoo, Noughty

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  • 250ml


Rise and shine to locks you’ll love. This 97% natural, silicone and sulphate free shampoo hydrates and nourishes for extraordinary hair every day. Blue mallow flower extract and jojoba oil add a generous dose of radiance and sheen. There’s always time for extra shine.


House of Oils: Our unique blend of plant oils assists in boosting the strength of hair, improves suppleness, smoothness and shine, and helps to reduce damage and breakage. This is natural nurture for manes, and we use the best of these potent moisturisers.

Of all the known plant oils, jojoba has the molecular structure most similar to sebum (oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin, responsible for shine). It works with our natural oils to keep hair and scalp moisturised.

Moisturising blue mallow extract conditions scalp and hair.

Shine-boosting white tea extract has high levels of protective antioxidants…higher than either black or green tea.

SLMI (Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate) is a mild, water-soluble surfactant derived from coconut. Sulphate-free, this provides the lather and cleansing activity that powers all our Noughty shampoos.

Fragrance: Refreshing rosemary and mint scent.


Wet hair thoroughly. Put a small amount of shampoo in the palm of one hand and rub your palms together to activate the shampoo. Massage into hair working from root to tip for a feather-soft lather. If needed, add water for more lather. Rinse completely from scalp to ends. Repeat if necessary.

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