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DHATU Organic Germinated Brown Rice

GBR is one of the best sources of natural GABA (gamma-Aminobuytric Acid) an amino acid produced in the brain, which acts as a neurotransmitter – a chemical that fosters communication between nerve cells – and helps to keep stress-related nerve impulses at bay. GABA encourages mental and emotional well being, promotes relaxation and sleep. GBR is also rich in vitamin E, vitamin B group, magnesium and fiber. It also contains more bioactive components, such as ferulic acid and γ-oryzanol. This healing food has numerous benefits and its daily consumption aids in fat loss promotes sound sleep and boosts immunity. It is one of the best foods in the prevention and management of lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety & neurological disorders.

The process of germination enhances the bio-availability of nutrients by neutralizing phytic acid. Consumption of unsprouted grains can lead to poor absorption of nutrients in the grain. The incompletely digested proteins can irritate the intestines, leading to inflammation and allergic reactions. Neutralizing the phytic acid, releasing the proteins, vitamins, and enzymes allow these important nutrients to be absorbed during digestion.


Germinated brown rice can be cooked similar to regular rice but since it cooks quicker and softer than regular rice, for a cup of GBR, 1.75 cups of water can be added.

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