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The drink that roared
Spoiler alert: tiger nuts aren’t nuts, and have nothing to do with tigers. But they are stripy in a tiger-print kind of way, and they grow underground, which makes them the most glamorous tuber in our book. Creamy with a hint of sweetness, horchata made from tiger nuts is a speciality of the city of Valencia where they drink it over ice, and in Mexico where they serve it hot with cinnamon or vanilla.
Rude Health
To be in Rude Health is an old English expression meaning up for life and bursting with energy.
You’re in rude health when… you take the stairs two at a time. You can double Salko. You’ve always got room for seconds.

At Rude Health we began mixing mueslis at our breakfast table in 2005. Today we’re still a family owned company that makes breakfast cereals, dairy-free drinks and snacks, and we still create everything the same way. We only use the kinds of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined. We source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines – not laboratories. The proof is n the taste.
Eat right, stay brilliant.
A refreshing alternative to milk, With rice, Without thickeners, Gluten and dairy-free, Contains natural sugars from rice & tiger nuts, No added sugar, Vegetarian Society approved, Suitable for vegans, Kosher
You’ll find temptation in many forms at rudehealth.com/recipes

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