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Shatta is Red Chili Sauce and is a staple in the Levantine kitchens. Here I have introduced a twist to the shatta by smoking the chilies. The outcome is a succulent smoked flavor of the best loved Red Shatta sauce. The smokiness lends it well to all things BBQ, from ribs to steaks and even BBQ’ed chicken this sauce is a charm that just highlights all BBQ flavors. It works very well for all Mexican concoctions, in making salsas, nachos, tacos and bean chilies… really good and balanced flavors of smoked and spicy. This red chili sauce is beautifully flavored, with its sweet notes that mask the hot notes of the chili at first only for the heat to kick in later, starting at the back of your throat working its way to the front of your palate, giving this beautiful Shatta a long finish. This artisanal spicy sauce is made using outstanding local organic ingredients and is preserved in my outstanding certified organic, extra virgin olive oil. It is an ideal spread for sandwiches, a perfect marinade and salad dressing ingredient. You will be dipping your bread in it and eating it all the time!

Product Specifications

Description: This fermented product is made using local organic peppers, and organic ingredients including: Red chilies, Himalayan salt, organic vinegar, organic EVOO
Packaging: 200g glass jars
Harvest date: December – April
Shelf Life: 2 years
Origin: UAE organic farms
Handling: Small batch, individually packed
Flavor: A sweet and smoked flavor of red peppers, along with the hot notes of the red chilis, combined with a very lightly tangy undertones. The flavor of the red pepper is very present in every bite.

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