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  • 50ml


Soothing Day Cream, Urban Veda

Calm, care for and protect delicate, sensitive skin with Urban Veda’s Soothing Day Cream – a comforting moisturizer designed to balance and lock in moisture. Enriched with natural Ayurvedic ingredients, Soothing Day Cream helps to smooth and soften uncomfortable, tight dry skin.

Immerse yourself in the deep, spa-like scent as this nourishing moisturiser envelops your skin in softness. Boasting calming, balmy sandalwood, anti-inflammatory rosemary, harmonising ylang ylang and irritation-relieving peppermint, this natural infusion hydrates sensitive skin all day long.

Gently massage in to stimulate circulation, refreshing your senses and nourishing the skin.

Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles to balance the Pitta dosha.

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