Sweet Potato Broccoli And Carrot, Ellas

Qty: 1
12.50 AED

  • 120g


Hello, I’m 100% organic pureed sweet potatoes, broccoli + carrots – with nothing else added.
Who am I made for? My ingredients are suitable from 4 months and my vegetable tastes will help little ones learn to love veg throughout weaning and beyond. I’m also great when mixed into chunkier food for babies who are ready for more texture. The Government advises that you don’t need to wean your little one until they are 6 months. Every baby is different!
I’m organic perfect purees, Super smooth, Just yummy organic food for babies, No big lumps and nothing artificial, No added sugar or salt – I contain naturally occurring sugars, I’m gluten free
Organic Sweet Potatoes 48%, Organic Carrots 30%, Organic Broccoli 22%, Other Stuff 0%

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