Almond Cardamom, Sparkbake

Ripe Organic Date Syrup

Date Syrup 500g, Ripe

Best Raw Local Honey | Ripe Organic

Local Samar Honey, Ripe

Organic Organic Dates, 500g

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Ripe Organic Mirzam Date & Fennel Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Dates & Fennel, Mirzam

Mixed Oat Maamoul Cookie, Taqa

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Date Oat Maamoul Cookie, Taqa

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435 AED

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This Box contains

Sparkbake Almond and Cardamon 75G
Ripe Date Syrup 500g
Ripe Raw Honey UAE Samar 500g
Ripe Organic Khalas Dates 500g
Mirzam Dark Chocolate Dates and Fennel 70g
Taqa Mixed Oat Maamoul (3pcs) 45g
Taqa Date Oat Maamoul (1pc) 45g

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