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7 unique and original compositions of essential oils to balance your energy, according to your needs. Small and convenient, take them wherever you go, use them whenever you need!

SIDDHARTHA – Soothing & Grounding Peace, Serenity and Spirituality, Immerse yourself in the Power of Now Consciousness, Wisdom
LADY FOX – Anti-PMS & Mood Swings, Balances the Emotions, Good mood, Optimism, Positivity, Trust
BREATHE – Immune System Booster, Brings Respiratory Comfort, Purity, Freshness, Clarity & Communication
RELAX MAX – Calming, Relaxing & Re comforting, Relief of Stress & Anxiety, Promotes Deep Sleep
YIN YANG – Eases Depression, Harmonizing Yin/Yang Energy, Courage, Intuition & Confidence
KICK START – Energy booster, Uplifting & Invigorating Joy, Enthusiasm & Vitality Helps Concentration & Memory
FOX ME – Relaxing & Tranquilizing Aphrodisiac, Warm & Spicy Passion, Pleasure, Feeling & Sensuality

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