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Turnips are a root vegetable commonly associated with potatoes or beets, but their closest relatives are radishes, which are also members of the mustard family.


If you buy turnips with their greens attached, remove the greens when you get them home. Clean, store, and cook the greens as any cooking green. Store turnips loosely wrapped in an airtight bag in the fridge. Like any root vegetable, they want a cool, dark, dry environment.


Remove the green tops and cook as a vegetable, like spinach. The bulbs should be washed, peeled and chopped. Thinly sliced or grated, they?re a delicious addition to salads. If small they may be cooked whole with skin left on. Boil, bake, microwave or stir-fry until tender, about 6-10 minutes if chopped, 15-20 minutes if left whole. Serve as a vegetable, stuffed or add to casseroles, soups, souffles or mousse. Because they can absorb large quantities of fat they’re often served with fatty meat.

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