Ripe Market Terms & Conditions

All members who would like to attend the Ripe Market must comply to our Policies, Terms and Conditions. By applying to become a Ripe Market member or take part in one of our events you are agreeing to and accepting our Policies, Terms and Conditions included below and in the Market Member Information Pack for each market venue. The Ripe Market reserves the right to update and change the terms of these conditions at any time.



If you’re brand new to the Ripe Market, the first thing you will need to do is apply online here:

Once you hear back from us in regards to your application, please send through the Ripe Market Booking & Registration Form 2018 together with the Ripe Market Credit Card Form 2018 to at your earliest convenience.



All bookings should be made by email to Please ensure all information is provided or your booking will not be completed. The Ripe Market will be operating on monthly bookings only for food trucks and live cooking, meaning we can only accept bookings for a minimum of four consecutive markets. If you wish to book for more than one month kindly note, the Ripe Market may require pre-dated cheques for upcoming months beforehand (either before the beginning of the season or no later than two weeks before the first participating Market).

To make a booking simply email the following information:

Name of Your Company
Name of Market
Date of Market
Type of Table
Your Name and Mobile Number

A one-off registration fee will be applied at the beginning of the market season. The registration fee is to be paid in advance of any booking by credit or debit card, any previous outstanding balance will be settled upon registration. Please request a registration form from our team, prices are as follows:

Craft Members – 315 AED
Food Members – 578 AED


  • 315 AED – Seed Table – 1 x Table (1.5m wide)
  • 394 AED – Blossom Table – 1 x Table (1.5m wide) and shade
  • 604 AED – Harvest Tables – 1 x Tent (3m x 3m) and 2 x Table (1.5m wide each)

NB:  for the tables above weekly Power Charges are 79aed if required.

  • 919 AED – Live Cooking – 1 x Tent (3m x 3m) and 2 x Table (1.5m wide each) Power Included.
  • 1050 AED – Food Truck / Mobile Kitchen

NB: food truck location & power included


VAT is a consumption tax that the end user is obligated to pay and the Ripe Market will be only acting as a collection agent on behalf of the taxation authority. The Ripe Market is legally obliged to comply with this Government mandate from 1st January 2018.  VAT will appear on all of our invoices starting from January 2018.

The Ripe Market is a prepaid market therefore all payments must be cleared a minimum of 3 days before the market date. A late payment fee of AED50 is charged weekly from any unpaid booking

For all Arts & Craft members we can only accept the two following payment options:

  • Debit or Credit Card – Please complete our Member Payment Form which is at the back of your Member Information Pack and email it to Or call our team to pay over the phone.
  • Cheque – Please make payable to the following:

Bank Name: Emirates Islamic Bank

Account Name: Ripe Exhibition Organizer CO LLC

Account Number: 3708 2295 06602

IBAN Number: AE690340003708229506602


Currency: UAE Dirham

Food members who are paying for monthly bookings, please see your invoice for dates of post-dated cheques.

All cancellations must be emailed to We cannot accept any verbal cancellations at a market or over the phone.

Arts and Craft Members: Full refunds will only be provided to members who cancel 7 days prior to the market date. As an example, if you are cancelling a Saturday market we must receive an email from you before close of business the previous Saturday.

Cancellations made between 5-7 days prior to the date of market, will be offered 50% of the original booking price back in credit, this can be used towards your next table booking within the same market season.

Food Members: We have a 4 week cancellation policy in place. If you cancel 4 weeks prior to the Market month you will receive your cheque back in full. However, if you cancel within 4 weeks of the market month you will only receive 50% of the original booking price back in credit to use within the same market season.

(Kindly note, a late payment fee of AED50 is charged weekly from for any unpaid booking)

Masafi will be the Official Water sponsor of Ripe Markets for the upcoming season 2017/2018. Therefore, all our market members will be kindly required to sell Masafi water only from their business. By making a booking, you are confirming that Masafi will be the only brand of water sold by your company always, during the Ripe Markets.

The Ripe Markets remain open throughout the entire winter months during the outdoor season, including all weather conditions. No refunds will be given to any members whom do not adhere to the cancellation policy regardless of weather conditions, this includes members who turn up to a market in bad weather and request a refund. The Ripe Markets team will notify any members if a market is to be cancelled in the event of expected bad weather or dangerous weather conditions.

Please ensure that you do not leave your discarded packaging or rubbish at the venue. A 500 AED penalty charge will automatically be added to your account if you do not clean up after the market.


  • Unfortunately, no flags are allowed
  • All standalone branding – for example roll ups, blackboards must be contained within your allotted space and behind your table not in front and not blocking your neighbors stand
  • Members need to bring their own tablecloths and it is recommended that they are from table top to ground, to help hide storage boxes or personal possessions.  Table dimensions are 150cm W x 75cm D x 80cm H
  • No branding is allowed that blocks other members or that compromises the look and feel of the market
  • No branding of any kind can be placed on any Park property or on any tress, bushes or other foliage
  • No branding to be placed on tent canopies.
  • If bringing your own tent, it must be WHITE color and approved in advance by the Ripe Markets team


It is in the interest of every member that if they want their business to succeed at a Ripe Market they must inform their existing customers and follower base about their participation at all Ripe Markets via social media platforms, company website and any other network channels to create awareness. We have designed a lot of marketing collateral to help you spread the word. If you would like something specific you can email We will also make sure you have access to flyers for each market too.

Ripe Exhibition Organiser Company LLC is not liable or responsible for any of the following circumstances:

  • Any lost, stolen or damaged goods before, during or after a Ripe Market event
  • For any accidents or injuries to any members or customers from products they buy, touch, trial or interact with whilst at the Ripe Market.
  • Individual 3rd party liability insurance. All businesses should ensure they have all their own insurances should an incident arise that puts them at risk
  • Operating your business and adhering to UAE Laws, including, Trade Licenses, Health Cards, Insurances and Permits
  • Offending any visitors at one of our events, due to inappropriate behavior or dress code
  • For any members of employees, or third-party consultants representing member companies
  • For the actions of any food member at a Ripe Market that may cause sickness or injuries because of food members actions, errors or omissions
  • Should a member or customer bring legal action for situations happening that are covered under the disclaimer, the member will pay for all legal fees and costs, including those of the event organiser
  • The Ripe Market is not responsible or accountable for the rejection by Municipality Food Control of a temporary Food Permit after booking has been confirmed or on site after an inspection by relevant Food Control authorities because of the failure by a food member to comply with Food Control Regulations
  • The Ripe Market can use member participants full names, photos, or other types of representations of the events without asking permission of the subjects
  • The Ripe Market reserve the right to not refund any fees paid by Food Members for future bookings
  • By entering the markets, you consent to being recorded by photography, audio and video and its release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction
  • By registering as a market member, you consent to your details being added to the Ripe Market’s database and receiving information via newsletter or direct messages on vendor promotions and Ripe Market news


By attending one of our markets I agree to independently research, understand and adhere to all the venues Terms and Conditions as well as safety requirements and policies laid out in my member information pack.

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