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The Ripe Markets run across a number of locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and focus on bringing the community together, in a fun and social way. The Ripe Market is a community event supporting local businesses, giving them a platform to sell to the residents and tourists visiting. If you visit one of our markets you will find the Ripe Organic stand selling local organic fruit and vegetables from the Ripe Organic Farm and other local organic farmers. As well as this, you will find other organic items including juices, superfoods and other shopping items, lots of live cooking food stalls, arts, crafts, fashion, jewelry, fitness classes, live entertainment, children’s activities and much more.

The Ripe Markets are the only place in the UAE where locals, expats and tourists come together to share their love of fresh, seasonal, organic, local and handmade produce. Ripe provides organic fruit and vegetables, superfoods, tea, local raw honey, local organic eggs, gluten free items and more at all of our weekly markets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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