Meet our Market Member: Rae Savia

Learn more about the woman behind the locally created simple, understated yet absolutely beautiful jewellery line: Rae Savia

Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello Everyone! Well my name is Ramona Savia Lobo. I am from the beautiful land of Goa, India and I am a self-taught silversmith. Rae Savia Jewellery is my own brand. For those asking, the name “Rae” is something my friends used to call me when I worked as a flight attendant in Doha. It has stuck since then. I have been living in Dubai for the past four years promoting and helping my business grow. I have enjoyed the journey so far and would love to thank everyone who has supported me.

What was your inspiration behind starting Rae Savia?

Over three years ago I was at home watching some YouTube videos. I follow this lovely Canadian girl, Sarah Nagel, and her channel is all about holistic living. Sarah once posted a video where she explained how to make a simple sterling silver ring, explaining creativity as a form of active meditation. I found that video so engaging & interesting that I remember going straight down to the gold souk two days later to buy everything I needed to get going! I came home and destroyed a lot of silver trying to make a single ring. Either the solder didn’t melt, or I over heated the metal and lost a lot of silver. I gave up for a while and went and got some books on silversmithing and read book after book. I wasn’t going to quit. I tried again, and I finally got it!!!! I made my first sterling silver band. I was so delighted! I then made a couple of silver rings with semi-precious stones. Whilst I was on vacation I bumped into someone from Dubai who told me about the Ripe Market and other markets in the UAE and said I needed to sell them there. So, I did, and it was a success from the very first market. I haven’t stopped since then. What started as a hobby is now a full-time job.

What drives you to become more successful?

Self-interest is what drives me, in life and in business. The trick is working out exactly what that self-interest hot button is for you. For most people it could be money, power, popularity. I guess for me it has never really been money. Money is just a bonus and I am very grateful. I have always been very creative and passionate about jewellery and making new designs. Having people compliment me and wear my designs is what keeps me going. I am so extremely grateful and thankful to everyone who remembers me on every special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. I love it even more when you tell me your ideas and ask me to make personalised jewelry. Stamping your stories on silver is my favourite kind of work. “You” are the reason I am still here doing what I do.

What is your top tip for other SME’s who are wanting to increase their social media engagement and following?

  • Content & Photography: Great content is key! Keep your descriptions short and simple and stick to a theme. I can’t stress enough how crucial posting great pictures of your products are. Photography is the most essential part of a business and can make or break it.
  • Creating videos: Be creative! Everyone loves “Behind the Scenes” videos. Since I make most of my jewellery, I love taking videos and sharing them on my Instagram stories, and the response I get is always so positive! This is where I get most of my orders and following from.
  • Give-aways & referrals: If you have a great product and offer great after sales service, you are more likely to have customers not only return for more but refer you to there friends. Remember word of mouth is powerful and friends telling friends about your business is incredibly valuable. Giveways are also a great way to promote your business.

Few others maybe include being consistent on social media, add relevant hashtags, create polls and surveys, and most important have fun with it!

Is there anything you would do differently if you could, whilst starting Rae Savia?

Yes!! In the beginning I was so overwhelmed with orders and inquiries that I ordered stock every week and made different jewellery items/designs as per the demand. I have learnt that it is very important to stick to limited designs/items and have your inventory organised.


Rae Savia’s pieces can be regularly found at the Ripe Market every Saturday at Times Square Center in Dubai or you can also visit the company’s website

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