Meet Our Member: Pavanito

Learn more about the man behind the locally created all natural
skincare, hair care and wellness brand: Pavanito

I was born raised in Dubai/ Cardiff (U.K) before my family relocated to Mumbai and I lost my dad to blood cancer. His autopsy reports indicated it could all have been due to his frequent hair coloring habits. That hit me and changed my course. I graduated into Bio-Chemistry and went on to do a masters into cosmetic chemistry, I wanted to understand the importance of good ingredients in well-crafted recipes, for long lasting effects. When I relocated to Dubai in 2010, I saw a gap with a huge potential for the business.

More & more brands are turning towards natural ingredients when it comes to formulating their products. High end botanical tinctures, plant-based derivatives as well as essential oils to create a customized to the region line of hair & skin care products.

We are very assertive when it comes to choosing suppliers for making our hair, skincare & wellness line. To ensure quality, I prefer certified organic food grade ingredients that come with clean paper work and are flown from overseas, mostly from the country of origin of the ingredient. If you can’t eat its raw material or are going to have to rush to a hospital for doing so, do not put the compounded product on your skin or hair!

In handmade natural ingredients it’s all about the final finish of the product and its effectiveness, which is a non-debatable aspect of my business. We make our products in small batches. My theory is cook fresh, serve fresh. If not consumed in a stipulated timeframe, throw away. Coffee face scrub, Saffron infused Aloe Vera gel, hair care & day and night moisturizer are some of our best sellers. 

Our saffron comes from Spain and I love the results Aloe Vera and Saffron together can display on the skin. Saffron is full of anti-oxidants and is a natural bleaching agent, same as potatoes could be. The product is designed to instantly re-hydrate moisture deprived skin, increasing its water content. Based on reviews, some of my customers have seen results in just one week!

It can get quite challenging to manage your passion vs the commercial aspect of your business, but it is manageable. You need to work out a balance between passion vs commercial sense to make success out of what you do. You have to be in touch with reality in terms of what you sell and the demand it has or the price you’re asking for how useful the product is.

“Quality knows no discount.”

In an effort to reduce toxins and industrial grade chemicals, the handmade cosmetics industry has a lot to look forward to as it shifts towards more plant-based formulas.


PAVANITO’s line can be regularly found at the Ripe Market every Saturday at Times Square Center in Dubai or you can also visit the company’s website 

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