8 easy steps to get your health back on track after the summer


I think we can all agree that holidays usually involve a little food and drink overindulgence. Our health goals are often temporarily forgotten about while we are enjoying a relaxed break from the real world. We eventually return back to normality feeling sluggish, heavy and slightly demotivated. Here are 8 easy steps to get your health back on track after holiday weight gain.

1. Write down your goals
Sit down with a pen and paper and write down your goals. Write down why you want to achieve them and why they are important to you. Place your goals somewhere that you will see them every day, for me I pin it up on my fridge. Having goals set that you review each day helps to keep you motivated and on track.

2. Make a plan
How you are going to achieve your goals? Record the meals and snacks you will have for the week and also your exercise schedule. Decide where you will do your food shopping and on what day of the week.

3. Start a food log
Recording what you are eating and doing for exercise each day keeps you more honest with yourself. From experience once you see your food and exercise log filled with healthy meals and each day you have physical activity recorded it really does motivate you to keep going!

4. Increase your exercise and move a little more
Whatever you are currently doing for exercise, increase it by one day. Or add in a couple of morning/evening walks. Try to keep active during the day. If you have a desk job then get up off your chair every hour and walk around.

5. Find a supportive buddy to join you
Having a strong supportive environment makes the world of difference. Encourage your partner or best friend to join you. Having a support buddy will keep you accountable, make it fun and of course you will be helping them to become healthier as well.

6. Clean out your kitchen
Go into your kitchen and take a look in your cupboards. Any foods that don’t support your health goals get rid of. There are plenty of charity organisations and groups that would happily accept unwanted food if you don’t want to throw it in the bin. Research where to find them in your area.

7. Remove trigger foods
Figure out what foods trigger you to over eat and remove them. Even if it is healthy, if it makes you over eat then remove it. For me it’s dark chocolate. One piece soon turns into 4 pieces and eventually the whole block is nearly gone!

8. Fill your house with healthy foods
Next you need to stock your kitchen with healthy nourishing foods that support your health goals, use this free shopping guide for help (http://www.chloemoirnutrition.com/free-resources/). If you have healthy food in your fridge you will eat healthy foods. Head down to your local fruit and vegetable markets and stock up on fresh produce at the start of your week.

1About our blogger: Chloe Moir is a nutritionist and personal trainer from Auckland, New Zealand. She has a food and nutrition blog dedicated to helping you make long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle in an easy and enjoyable way. Stay tuned to Ripe blog for more of her guest posts about nutrition, fitness and overall well-being.


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