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23.10 AED

  • 100g



100% natural, gently baked fruits, no added sugar, preservatives or concentrates.We prefer our pineapples pure. No sugars, no preservatives, nothing. All we do is gently bake the fruit so it’s easier to munch on the move.


  • Just fruit, gently baked.
  • No added nastiness.
  • No sulphites, additives or sugars.
  • Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegans.

Item Package Quantity:1

We follow the sun to pick only the ripest and highest qualities
pineapples, so there’s no need to add anything to our fruits at
all. For us, it’s all natural, or it’s not at all. Each 20g is 1
portion of you’re 5-a-day. We’re a bit bananas about fruit here
but sometimes eating that Mango on the bus home is a bit tricky –
so we thought we’d make it a bit more mobile



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